With the recent public health concern over the coronavirus and COVID_19 infection, many people are wisely staying home and enacting a strategy of "social distancing."

However, many are finding their stress levels increased along with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

I decided to offer free online guided meditation sessions live starting March 16th, 2020. to help people de-stress. Many have asked to make the sessions available online, so I am doing that here.

You do need to register, but I will keep these sessions free for everyone to enjoy.

Keeping calm and de-stressed during this time will have. a ripple effect on everyone you come in contact with in person or online. This is one of the ways I have chosen to contribute to community during this time.

Hi, I’m John Moore, a shamanic practitioner and teacher living in Maine.

As a teacher of shamansim and meditation, I have decided to offer this as a way for people to stay healthier during this time which is difficult for many. you can learn more about me on my web site MaineShaman.com

This is a free course, but it requires you enroll.